Val Dieu Triple

Origin : Originaly inspired by a monastic recipe from the abbey of the same name, which as already produce a pale and a brown ale.
Type of beer: Abbey triple pale ale, unfiltered and unpasteurised, brewed by a layman in the right wing of the abbey.
Aroma : Both delicate and full-bodied.
Alcohol content: Strong 9%
Colour: Warm yellow, slightly cloudy.
Flavour: Its a full bodied taste is progressive but never excessive. A slightly sugared flavour in the middle of the mounth - a perfect combination of alcohol, bitterness and sweetness. Finally accentuates an aromatic and alcohol bitterness. Excellent and highly digestible, particulary when accompagning a good meal.
Head : Nice white head, not too oily because of its high alcohol content.
Glass : Flared goblet, rounded at the rim and in its parison.
Packed in : Bottle 33 cl with cap 75 cl, 1.5l and 3l (all three with wired stoppers)