Malheur is a Belgian beer that is brewed at Brouwerij De Landtsheer in Buggenhout .  There are different types of Malheur beers, the golden blonde 6 ° to the Malheur Dark Brut. Malheur beers are beers with secondary fermentation in bottle and barrel.

  • Malheur 6 ° is a golden drink beer by 6% alcohol by volume with bottle fermentation.
  • Malheur 8 ° is a blond beer with secondary fermentation brewed with an alcohol content of 8% by volume of alcohol fermented in the bottle.
  • Malheur 10 ° or Malheur Millennium is a blond beer tasting of 10% alcohol by volume. Malheur 10 ° literally has a sun yellow color and a pinkish peach flavor with references to spicy orange and lemon peel. On the occasion of the millennium, this heavier lager was first brewed.
  • Malheur 12 ° is a heavy brown beer with secondary fermentation in bottle of 12% alcohol by volume.