Achel Trappist

Welcome to the youngest Trappist Beer of Belgium! Or man can also say it is not that young. The monks of the Achel Abbey were brewing Trappist Beer before 1914. But then came the First World War, and the invading Germans. They destroyed the copper kettles,. Probably for use in munitions.

But in the nineties the Achel brewery sold some amazing piece of land, to restart their brewery and brew again their once well-known Trappist Beer. And in 1998, there was again the Achel Trappist. 3 years later, the Trappist beer was also available in bottled versions. Famous for the beer is the sentence of Brother Titus: “Monastic life is about simplicity, strength and quality. So the Trappist Beer is the ideal product to symbolise this.” And “most lagers are just like a glass of decent water”. Not difficult to say, we like Brother Titus.

The abbey of Achel is dedicated to St Benedict, father of monasticism, but has always been of the Trappist order.