Seven generations ago, in 1809, the Lindemans family owned a farm in Vlezenbeek near Brussels. They decided to intensify Lambic brewing activities during winter, when less farm work had to be done. The farm produced wheat and barley, the raw materials of the Lambic.

Lambic is a beer with an old tradition: accounts dating from 1559 mention the production of Lambic "according to an old recipe". It is a 30% wheat, 70% malt spontaneous fermented beer seasoned with hops.

This wheaten beer can only be brewed in the southwest of Brussels, because of the presence of specific wild yeast like "Brettanomyces Bruxullensis" and "Brettanomyces Lambicus".

Lambic can be drunk direct from the barrel, but usually it is used as base for the 6 other beers (Geuze, Faro, Kriek, Framboise, Pecheresse and Cassis).